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Where can I find a new Sony G90.

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Subject sais it all.

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Brand new 0 hours is going to be hard to find at a reasonable price. Terry has a low hour used unit for sale (with less than 450 hours on it) with a good price... I would contact him and see what has available.


I think Art Sonneborn is looking into purchasing 2 of them from Henry Fu (ebay henryfu). I believe Henry has some exclusive deal with sony that allows him to carry some of sony's discontinued items and still offer a sony warranty. per his web site the new ones are $26k and the low hour ones are $17k

BTW if Terry has one with 450 hours on it, i would bet it is as good as new as long as it was not 450 on a static image, and you will get far better customer service from him then almost anyone else. BTW terry's avsforum handle is "Chuchuf"
Thanks guys, what do you mean by static image? What´s that?
Picture a Windows desktop image being displayed all the time and never changing. Over time, that desktop image will be burned into the CRT face... A real good example of static burn is a ATM screen at a bank (very common)....


There's a businessman in Italy... :)

Just kidding, don't fall for that one.

Also, there are scammers from overseas shopping for new G90's

Been there done that!!


Got your email and emailed you back if you are interested in that G90.

I have a friend who has a unused G90 which has been sitting around in his store for about a couple of years or so. He bought it for his new house which he never got around to building. I am about certain he may be interested in selling it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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