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My standmount speakers are a bit large at 9” wide by 14” deep and i’d like a nice-looking pair of stands to match. I’ve been searching the far depths of the internet and can’t seem to find any in the US that doesn’t cost more than $500. I’d like to keep it under $400 if possible. Pre-requisites:

1. Either a 4-pillar stand or a wide single-pillar/dual-pillar.

2. A large top plate (atleast 7.5” width x 9” depth)

3. 24”-28” tall. 26” is preferred but 24” is also fine if it includes floor spikes to raise the height slightly.

4. Can be filled with sand/leadshot. Either that or the stands need to be heavy on their own (~15-20lb each.) My speakers are >30lb each.

5. Color: black



These look nice and can be filled with sand, but the reviews are worrying and they seem to be flimsily constructed. Also, the top plate is a bit smaller than what i’m looking for.


These Argosy stands from Sweetwater are perfect except the shortest model they offer is 36”, which is way too tall for my setup.


These are made to be used with large Harbeth monitors. Perfect form factor for my needs but price is too high, especially when including the additional shipping cost.


These Vapor Audio stands are my ideal stands. Beautiful design, has a nice large top plate and the slanted posture looks great with my speakers, which have slanted baffles to match. The only problem is it costs $150 to have a pair shipped to California (i’m guessing because they come pre-assembled.) The total cost for a non-veneered pair is quite a bit more than my budget allows. If anyone in Southern California would like to sell their pair, lemme know.

The only other ones I can find that matches all my criteria are either from Europe or are boutique KEF/Dynaudio stands which are again, too pricey for the simple purpose that they serve. I’m not a fan of anything offered on Wayfair.com. I don’t have any tools to build my own so that’s out of the question. Any recommendations?
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