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All over the place vendors claim that Geforce 2 and Geforce 3 have a HDVP

processor to enable software HDTV playback.

*but* I have never found any software to use this feature! Does anyone know of


Here are some examples of the claims:

"GeForce2 MX not only provides incredible 3D graphics, it is a

complete video solution. Its integrated High-Definition Video

Processor (HDVP) supports ATSC 720p high-definition resolution

at 60fps (frames per second). Combine GeForce2 MX with a

high-performance, high-level software MPEG-2 decoder and a

digital TV receiver for a cost-effective, high-quality HDTV solution.

GeForce2 MX also supports ground-breaking new applications like

hardware timeshifting and digital VCR capabilities."


The 32MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics accelerator features include:

High Definition Video Processor (HDVP)

Support full 60fps HDTV playback

Support full 30fps DVD Playback

Independent hardware hue, saturation, and brightness


5-tap horizontal by 3-tap vertical advanced polyphase


8:1 up and down scaling on video overlay

ITU-CCIR656 video input port to accept video from a video

decoder board or hardware DVD board



What is HDTV?

Few events in the consumer electronics industry

have been as highly anticipated

as the roll out of digital television. Consider the

fact that television-broadcasting

formats have changed very little in the past 50

years: television is still broadcast

over an analog signal with 525 scan lines per

image. Now, with the advent of

digital television (DTV), clear, high-resolution

pictures are possible. By combining

DTV with Dolby Digital Surround Sound,

high-definition television (HDTV) brings

you the ultimate in picture and audio quality.

What is HDVP?

NVIDIA's high-definition video processor (HDVP)

covers the most expensive part

of HDTV by transforming your computer or analog TV

into the optimal home

entertainment system. Unfortunately, the biggest

entry barrier to viewing digital

television is the cost of the digital set. Most

digital televisions are in the $4000 to

$6000 range, and typically consumers must also

purchase a set-top decoder

box, costing an additional $1000 to $1500. By

simply using an existing computer

with a GeForce2 GPU and a low-cost DTV receiver,

consumers can have one of

the most amazing video applications on today's

computer technology, without

shelling out thousands of dollars for equipment.

Featured in the GeForce3 and the GeForce2 family of

products, NVIDIA's HDVP

supports all 18 ATSC formats with a single DTV

receiver card-which translates

into impressive HDTV playback on your computer


Moving beyond simple analog timeshifting, NVIDIA's

HDVP delivers the power to

rewind or pause live television, to downscale

high-definition content on to your TV,

and to drive displays beyond HDTV resolutions.


Wheres the beef?!

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I guess that (HDVP) is just their fancy name for being able to do customized resolution. The software that comes with the AccessDTV card can do the HDTV playback on your monitor, or so I recall.

BTW, maybe you already know, the GeForce2 MX can only do progressive scan, ie. 720p, 540p etc., but not interlace, so no 1080i and 960i.


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I have the Geforse 2 Mx 400 with 64 megs AGP. The DVD playback sucks on my 400mhz AMD system. Using WinDVD with native Nvidia support for hardware acceleration it seems it should be pretty good but still skippy. So I would doubt the HDTV playback in software would be any good. Plus, you still need some type of HDTV reciever to retrieve the signal.

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You can watch HDTV with an accessDTV card because the

accessDTV card has a dedicated MPEG2 HDTV decoder and

display hardware. It doesn't depend on the VGA card

for the HDTV playback.

I was hoping that (claimed) HDTV playback software was

available then you could play HDTV files on a $100 GF2MX

card and not need a $400 add in HDTV card like the accessDTV.

Also, I would like to be able to play HDTV in software so

that I could try to display at higher refresh rates

(like [email protected] or even [email protected])
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