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Where is NEC 135 LC Manufactured

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I need to know where the NEC XG135lc PJs are manufactured as I plan to bring one in to Canada from the US and would like to know If I pay duty. There is no duty on stuff manufactured in the US or Canada.
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I'm not 100% positive but I think they are made in Japan. If they classify it as a computer display device then there should be no duty.
They are not made anywhere anymore :)

...steve when dealing with used equipment the P.O. (Point of Origin) becomes the US or whereever its coming from, Ask Curt what Tax code he uses for Canada Customs. There should be $0 duty.
Hate to argue the point, but the point of origin is the actual country of MANUFACTURE regardless of the nature of the item(new or used). This does not change and when you talk to customs, expect to pay duty as it is a dutiable item from Japan. You may get away with no duty if you play dumb and say "Its coming from the US " which is true, but doesn't answer the question exactly. I expect and budget for duty for all Japanese made pj's, Sony and NEC, but almost never have to pay it because the question asked of me is invariably "Where is this coming from ?" and the answer to that question is "USA". Identifying it as a "computer monitor" could cause problems if there are permits required for it to be admitted into the country. I sent a pj to the US and it was held up by the Food and Drug Agency(?) because computer monitors require FDA approval !. Be honest with customs and pay, it makes things ALOT easier, duty is only 6% max(I think, but you can call and they'll look it up for you.)
... paul I agree, BUT the customs officer I dealt with really didn't care - The waybil stated place of origin as the US - I told him it was s CRT projector and that it was most likely built in Japan and explained what I intended to use it for - he really didn't care - charged $0 duty and let me go on my way.


6% duty

7% GST

7% PST

=20% = a real kick in the nuts.

Just for example

PJ-- $3000 US = approx 4800CDN + 20%(960CDN)= $5760 CDN

So while 6% may not seem like much we really get kicked bringing these things over. I did not even add in the brokerage fee which you WILL be charged if you have it shipped and do not bring it back yourself.

I know this is not news to you (Paul) but to a newbee thinking of making a purchase say off e-bay he should be prepared to pay about double after exchange ,taxes, duty and brokerage.



And the moral of the story is that sometimes I mean manytimes I wish I were American.
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About a year ago I was militant anti-UPS (I've calmed down now) - but I still refuse to use UPS because of the Brokerage fee. Anyone can broker a package himself - all it takes is a trip to the customs office 20 min out of your day (if you're lucky). But you hit the nail on the head - Taxes and exchange rate are the real killers.
Shane is right about the customs guys, MOST don't care where it was actually manufactured, and only want to know where its coming from, I've only had to pay duty twice out of about 20 times. I understand the dissatisfaction with the taxes/ duty/exchange. The only real way to cheat is risk shipping damage not being covered and have it undervalued on the waybill and invoice( which will be the ONLY value you can claim if damaged in shipping). Personally, I agree with you on UPS. I won't buy if the seller won't ship USPS. It takes the same amount of time usually, is cheaper, and half the time the post office doesn't even bother collecting the taxes even when the value is right there on the package.
To add insult to injury the only way you can avoid brokerage with UPS is by doing it youself. Of course they do not tell you when the unit is at the border so how can you do it. You Can't and you pay.
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