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I just ordered a Polk CSi5 center speaker and am wondering where on my entertainment center I should put it (video watching is my primary use). My two options are shelves above and below the TV. My stand is a little taller than ideal so the shelf above the TV is pretty high, 5 feet off the ground and well over the listener's ears. The lower option is about 12 inches off the ground and below the rest of the sound stage (my mains are floorstanding Rti10 about 3 1/2 feet tall). The lower shelf is also enclosed but the upper one is more spacious with an open air back (and less visually appealing of a place for a large speaker).

I'm sure I will end up spending 4+ hours moving the speaker back and forth trying to figure out which one I like better. I'm just wondering if there are some general rules of thumb I should consider when making the decision.
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