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Where is the Silverstar Electric Screen?

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I'd like to check it out.
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i cant find anything in this forum about these new vutec screens. how do they compare to the rigid silverstar.............tryg have you tested them?
Any predictions in pricing?
and was told that they would be ready in 2 weeks with pricing availabiliy next week.

ballpark for flush-mount 102" was like $6500usd and ballpark for ceiling-mount was like $4500usd.

I wouldn't hold my breath! I have contacted them numerous times and it is ALWAYS two weeks. They must not have all of the bugs worked out of it yet. While I would really like to have one of these screens, I am deadly afraid of being an early adopter on this one.

to me..............they are close to solving the problem of attaching the leader to the screen in a satisfactory way.

he did say that they would not be rushing the roll-out until this was done to their liking.

gotta give them credit for not pulling typical microsoft crap wrt to new product roll-outs.

if we could all back-charge bill gates for down-time due to his buggy/crippled software he would be $52 billion in the hole !!!
$4500 might be a little rich for me, I'm sure this screen is great but vs $800 for the Da Lite HP, Im gonna have to compromise.

It has been another 2 weeks. :rolleyes:

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