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Where is your "Sweet Spot" for your Subwoofer?!?!

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I'm very curious about you guys, Where is your "Sweet Spot" for your Subwoofer !!!

I bought my subwoofer a week ago, it's a Velodyne DPS-12, I got it on sale.

I was between for the Velodyne DPS-12 & the Energy ESW-V10 and end up with the DPS-12. I got a better deal for the Velodyne for the price and for the size, the 12" cheaper than the Energy's 10". I was all over for the Energy ESW-V10, for my pair of Energy Rc-30 to match. I'm still thinking if I've made good decision with the Velo or not. I still need to play with it my Velo, to make it sound best for my Rc-30s.

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I had best results with a single sub in the front center of the room or the rear center of the room. I had some slight problems with the rear center. Some places it was not practical for me to test of course.
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I had another room that was about half a foot less wide and the length was around 3X longer. My sweet spot sounded like the two front corners and for a single sub was the right wall right in front of my sofa.
My sub is located in the back of my room primarily because when I had it in the front it seemed to energize the perimeter of the room about 10db louder than the center listening position. With it in the back it is more balanced. I did not think this would work with music but with the mains crossed over at 80 hz or lower you would swear all the bass was coming from the mains. Makes my mains sound a lot bigger than they are.
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Put the sub where you normally sit (yes, on the couch), and play music with different kinds of bass. Crawl around on the ground, around the walls in the room. Listen for the best - as in loudest, smoothest, not "boomiest" - bass. That is where your sub will work best.

Every room is different, so this is the best way to find the best spot for the sub.

That being said, a good starting point is a front corner, or up to 2-3 feet out of the corner, along the front or side wall. And make sure your seating location isn't against the back wall - horrible for bass (will be very boomy and bloated).

Remember that you will have to re-calibrate the sub's level if you move its location.
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