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Where to activate the features in a ATI 550 Pro?

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I got a TV tuner card, PowerColor Theater 550 Pro, and I got it working without any problems. I am running it along with my Nvidia 7600gt. But the picture isn't the best when recording from TV and I see on the box that it came with that it has a 3d Comb Filter, Anti-Aliasing Filter, and noise reduction. But I haven't been able to find those options to activate them. I first tried the most up to date driver and then I tried the driver that came with the card but I still can't find any menus to activate these options. I also installed Catalyst Center and but it only pics up my Nvidia card, not the Powercolor 550 pro. I checked the Drivers for devices in Device manager and I can't see that card installed anywhere, only in 'Sound, Audio, and Game Controllers' do I find an ATI driver but it is for streaming. I know the card is installed properly on the system because it works fine and CyberLink and GB-PVR both detect the card. Any suggestions on where I might enable the 3D Comb Filter, Anti-Aliasing Filter, and the noise reduction for this card? Judgeing by the qaulity of tv recorded programs, I don't think they are enabled.
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Isn't there an ATI control panel that gives you the option?

What are you using for your interface?
Well, the only ATI control panel that I know of is the Catalyst Control Center but I think it is for VGA cards only because it only picks up my Nvidia 7600GT(even though the PowerColor 550 pro is installed).

Go to the ATI site and follow the links to drivers. Along with the latest drivers for the 550/650 they have a new control panel (IE different and seperate than the CCP for vid cards) available for download that is specifically for these cards. I was only able to play with it for a few minutes late last night, and it does look somewhat rudimentary, but it should give you what you are looking for.

PS: Make sure you download and install the Visual C++ patch before you install the control panel!


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Yep...it all worked. I really had to search for the icon to the menu....instead of sending a shortcut to the desktop it had to goto Windows Control Panel.


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