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Where to buy Salamander Designs?

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Where can I purchase the Salamander Designs, Synergy line at a reasonable price? Am I correct that Audioadvisor.com runs specials every now and then? I have been watching there site for a couple of months now and nothing. I just can't stand to pay list price for it. I have the Sony 70"XBR and the Synergy line is just about the only thing I can find to hold it and it also passes the wife test.

Any help where to locate cheaper would be great, or if you can recommend any other furniture please let me know.


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I have a Salamander 30 twin which I bought from a local dealer. For a better price than audio advisor. Is is called Audio Outlet and based in northern Westchester. Audio outlet web site . They have a mail order business as well. I've bought a couple of things from them. Having them in walking distance is a bad thing :)
I haven't found any place on the web that discounts this stuff either. Depending what you're looking for, I haven't found anything comparable. My problem is that I need storage as well as room for the TV & components.

Salamander is the only one that fits these needs. I found a local dealer that will knock a little off the price (about 10%), but they don't do mail order. If you have someone local that carries it, see if they can "do anything" with the price. Good luck.
I'll recommend Audio Advisor. Their Salamander stuff does go on sale from time to time, at up to 50% off MSRP. Of course, it's hit and miss as to what's on sale and when. If you can wait, it may pay off for you. If you sign up for their weekly newsletter, you'll find out about their best sales right away.

I purchased my Salamanders from them about eight years ago, and have been very happy with the purchase.

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