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Anyone know where I can demo either the Bass Industries (Jaymar) "Celebrity" or "Showtime" theater loungers in the Boston area?

I've spent the last year toiling over how to arrange the seating in my multi-purpose media room. My wife refuses to start decorating and furnishing it until the seating is done. Its been hard since I have diametrically opposed requirements. I'd like to retain the comfort my current leather easy chair/ottoman combo provides so I'd like the primary viewing seats to have arms but I naturally as a non-dedicated room I (read: "wife") don't want the look of dedicated HT recliners with their discontinuous backs. I'd also like to retain some lay-down functionality. I'm looking to arrange my seating in basically a "U" config and we are a family of 5 so I'm trying to compromise as little as possible for at least this many seats (i.e. all forward facing, etc.)

I've spend months scouring the web and various forums for ideas to this seemingly unsolvable conundrum. I had considered the Palliser motion series but after sitting in it I found as others had reported that the seat depth was about 1-2" too short for the average person (I'm only 5'10") and I felt like I was sitting on the "edge" so I ruled that out. Very uncomfortable.

Then I found the Bass/Jaymar Celebrity/Showtime loungers. I like these particularly because they have a continuous back look without the gaps of traditional HT seats. The Showtime seats actually look just like my current chair with the arm rivets and all. I found one review that raved about the Celebrity model with the only comment being the footrest might be too close for taller folks and dig into the calf slightly, but I don't think I fall into that category. I figured I could do a straight row of 3 and then buy some closely matching sectional components (two corners and some straight middle/end pieces) to complete the "U". Again since this is a mixed use room in the main living area of our house I'm trying to keep the fit and finish as HQ and non-dedicated looking as possible.

If anyone knows of a store within a reasonable driving distance (say 100mi or so) where I could actually sit in these that would be great. Of course if there are any AVSer's in the area with one of these models who would be willing to show off their theater to a fellow AVSer I'm open to that, too!
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