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Where to get Kinergetics/Chiro serviced?

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I need some help (my wife also thinks so). The last week I have not been myself. Upon hearing the rumors that Kinergetics Research has gone out of business I have been in a panic state. I own several of their Chiro home theater products (amps and processor) and immediately thought I had to sell my C802 DD/DTS preamp/processor and get a new one that would be upgradeable. I was considering a Lexicon DC-2 or MC-1 and know they are excellent units. But after listening to my home theater last night came to the conclusion (at this moment) that I just need a contact from Kinergetics/Chiro to help with some humming (most likely the transformer) as well as any possible upgrades from their new processor thy were set to launch next month (the C808). My reasons for not buying a new processor right now are as follows:

-I have a fairly small Home Theater Room (12' x 12')

-Spend about 10% in home theater and 90% in audio room

-Does it make sense to invest another $2 - $3K right now with potential new formats/technology just around the corner (DVD-A, SACD,etc.)

-Truly like the way my system sounds now

With all of this said, can anyone help me find someone at Kinergetics to help service my equipment. It would be REALLY appreciated and my wife won't have to worry about me anymore and maybe I can get some sleep regarding what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

My plan was to send in my C802 for as many of the upgrades as possible and Chiro said they believed many to be available. Now I'm stuck with a processor I enjoy very much but would like to have a source for repairs and possible upgrades I can get. Anyone got any ideas??????
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