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As an original owner of an popcorn hour A100 I'm quite happy with the device. A100 has

served me well for my needs for the most part. However my needs are just about

changing and I'm exploring the possibilities for an upgrade.

I use the A100 to stream A/V content (from PC upstairs and also from internal HDD)

into my living room. Here's partial list of files I want to be able to stream:

1) DVD ISOs with DD/DTS audio (A100 can do)

2) DVD VOB files with DD/DTS audio & subs (A100 can do)
3) Blu-ray ISOs with DTS-MA/DD-TrueHD bitsream pass (A100 cannot do)

4) Blu-ray M2TS files with DTS-MA/DD-TrueHD bitsream pass (A100 cannot do)

5) H264 1080p MKV files with DD/DTS audio & subtitles. (A100 needs .srt subs seperately)

6) HDMI 1.3 support (A100 cannot do)

Based on this what device would you recommend for me & why?

I do not need standalone blu-ray disk playback capability because I already have the

fantastic OPPO BDP83 to do that for me.

Appreciate your feedback as I'm not quite upto date on the latest produts development.
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