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I'm upgrading my 42" LCD to a new 60" LED TV - exciting! As part of this I want to mount the TV, but that's where I'm running into trouble.

This is my floorplan:

Basically the options are the right wall or the left wall. I originally had it set up on the right wall, with a 3-seater along the left wall and a loveseat along the windows with a side table.

Last week I switched the position of the 3-seater and the TV to see how it is (it's how the previous owners laid out the room). It gives the room a different feel but I'm not sure I like it as much. For one thing, due to the angles the TV sort of points towards the balcony door - not towards EITHER couch...

The left wall has a "drop ceiling" about 3-4 feet in from the edge of windows for the ducts - this leaves about 69in to the end of the wall, assuming I used it as a divider. It's a bit tight especially if I kept the floorstanding speakers.

On the right wall, there is the fan coil unit + vent, so looking at the TV you've got that sitting right next to it.. so it's not exactly a completely "clean" wall where all you really see is the TV.

What are your recommendations for the best layout/setup? I'm more than happy to answer any questions that may make it easier to help me!

Much appreciated
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