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Hi Guys :

Can anyone tell me where to buy a darblet at a reasonable price. I ordered one from Cleaveland plasma but have not confirmed payment yet. Reading threads I see lower prices that people paid before I make the payment can anyone tell me a good price to pay for the Darbee 5000. ( Also where to buy one for under $300 )

. I will be using it in with a Sony 65X900A 4K TV. One other question should I wait for 2.0 or 4K darbee or is that way down the road. If someone could bring me up to speed I would greatly appreciate it, Also the 5000 says upgradable what exactly would be upgradable in it.

I am sure from my questions that you can tell from my that I am a newbe to Darbee darblet processing so feel free to pass along any info you think may be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any and all inputs.

Norm L
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