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Where to purchase replacment parts for Gateway plasma?

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I purchased a 42" Gateway plasma back in December of 2002. I now realize it was big mistake, as a little over two years later it's not functioning properly. The remote went out about two weeks ago and now the volume bar is stuck on the screen, turned all the way up (like someone is pushing the button). I pulled the whole thing apart and I'm trying to see if I can purchase a replacement circuit board for the front. I called Gateway and they were absolutley no help and they said they can't even sell me the parts to fix their POS TV.

So after some research, I see it may just be a rebadged Sampo. I called their tech support, but nobody answered the phone and they are closed for the weekend. Does anybody know where I can get a replacement board? Number on the board is 11372-1G-2K. I searched all over but can't seem to come up with anything. Any help would be appreciated!
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If it is a rebadged Sampo, how about purchasing a universal remote and try it out if it works.
I tried that already, still didn't work with a universal remote. I believe the front board is bad, since the menu buttons are not working right either. If you try and push the volume down button on the front of the panel, it jumps to the on-screen menu and starts scrolling through the options on its own. :(
? Nobody knows where to purchase replacement parts for either a Gateway or a Sampo plasma? What about a plasma TV repair shop in Western Washington? Thanks,
You probably have a Sampo 42S6, my old one, here's where I'd go...
Gateway will not sell parts. Your only options are to purchase parts through the manufacturer or try to buy parts from a Gateway authorized service center.

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