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Where to put my center speaker??

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I'm getting ready to pre-wire for my speakers. I'll eventually have a front projector and screen, and I'm really not planning on having any sort of cabinetry, basically having the screen up against the front wall of my HT, towards the top of the wall, but at least a foot or two from the ceiling. I'm trying to think of some options for where to put my center channel speaker (for now, where to pre-wire). I'd like to maintain a somewhat clutter-free look on the wall where the screen will be, but I'm also flexible on that (I'll probably end up with tower-style speakers, although they'll be off to the sides. I'm hoping to get some ideas for the center... thanks.
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From what I have seen....a center speaker under the projection screen on a nice little coffee table type setup looks good. Im not talking about a full sized coffee table, but a rather small stand type thing that will keep it about 12" or so off the ground.

Your other option is to mount it, which could be more tricky and add more to the techy look, rather than the cosmetic appealing look. There are a lot of places that sell good looking AV center stands, just dont know of any links off hand.
Thanks... actually, that could work out great. I've been looking at ideas for where to put video game console(s) (so much for clutter-free), and was thinking of a TV-style stand, but low, and probably glass (high WAF), so maybe I could just put the center speaker on top of that. I would have thought something like that or what you mentioned might be too low, but I take it that it wouldn't. How far below the screen are you talking?
You could always suspend it from the ceiling.
i built a stand/cabinet to hold an xbox/games/controllers that exactly matches the width and depth of my center channel at a height that puts the center channel as close to the bottom of the screen as possible. put a hinged door on the front with no handle, and it's hard to tell where the speaker stops and cabinet starts. it was easy for me cuz my center is black and has a large footprint. may not work as well with a smaller center, though, you could try and build a smaller one into the cabinet.
9volt - very cool idea. Any chance you have any pics? Not sure exactly what type of cabinet or stand I'll use, but I think this idea narrows it down enough for me to pre-wire. Thanks guys!
some pics here:

it's pine spray painted black. i sanded the edges of the door to match the front curve of the speaker. also drilled a small pass-through on the right wall to allow contoller cords to pass through with the door closed. this keeps our kids out of the xbox while we're playing. the back is open for ventilation.

i think all the materials including the hinges and latch ran about $20. this setup also has the highest WAF of any console container i've used :)
Wow, VERY nice. Especially for 20 bucks!! Btw, that sub looks very familiar - Boston Acoustics? I have the PV-800, had the 600 before that. Love it.
Originally posted by jeff125va
Wow, VERY nice. Especially for 20 bucks!! Btw, that sub looks very familiar - Boston Acoustics? I have the PV-800, had the 600 before that. Love it.
thanks. yeah, it's a pv-600. i've been pretty happy with it considering the size and price, but i find myself wanting more. hope to get a servo-15 sometime in the future.
Yeah, the 600 is great. The store I bought it from has a one-year full-price trade-in/upgrade deal, plus the 800 was $50 off on sale when I went back, so the 800 only cost me $200. Couldn't pass that up.
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