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My 5.1 HT speakers are setup in a different part of the room, and I can't/won't move my PC desk to the center of the room. But I'd like to get 5.1 sound from my PC for gaming.

A second speaker set would be tough to setup in my PC corner, so I'm seriously considering a 5.1 gaming headphones/headset. But it's a challenge to cut through the marketing fluff.

Turtle Beach has a new Z6A 5.1 headset coming up with multiple speakers, but I'm still not sure if that's true 5.1 or done by emulation in software. Here are headphones which are supposed to be true surround, but they are quite a bit pricier than I'm willing to spend on a second 5.1 "system."

I'm looking for accurate positional audio so I can hear which direction I'm getting fired at in Battlefield 3 etc., decent price (200 EUR or less); comfort and audio fidelity comes next. Any experience you guys have with 5.1 headphones/headsets?
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