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which audio cable

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i just recently purchased an Onkyo HT-S790 home theater setup and was wanting to hook up my xbox 360 to the reciever...I was just wondering what kind of cable would work the best so I could enjoy 5.1 surround sound? I've heard mention to "digital/optical cables" but I had no idea what kind to get or even what type the xbox 360 would support...any links to cables would be great...i know monoprice.com has some good deals, thx
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There is an optical out on the base of the audio/video output cables. You'll see it, it's sort of a square hole. Check your receiver and verify if it has an optical input, if so it's just a $20 cable that goes from the XBOX to your receiver. This will get you surround.
actually it doesn't have to be a $20 cable, monoprice.com has optical cables for around $3 or less and good quality.

You definitely want the digital optical cable hooked up. This is how I have my 360 hooked into my Onkyo receiver and it sounds amazing.
My old XBOX and my Directv receiver dont have and Digital Audio outs . they have only the standard RCA audio out ( Red & White ) plus the Video Yellow cable. Can I get 5.1 Surround sound in my HT with those cables ? or I need an equipment with Digital Audio outs in order to get a clear 5.1 sound.

Do you know if there are cables or adapters to get 5.1 sound if i dont have Digital audio outs
The best you can do with RCA audio is Dolby Pro Logic II, that takes the stereo source and makes it something like 4.1.

I don't think you can go RCA analog to digital.
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