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You might want to split that into 2 questions.

Denon receivers for example, are usually considered reliable, but their customer service gets more than the usual number of lousy comments.

Anthem pre/pros have more problems than people expect from a product in that price range -- partly due to their complexity -- but their customer service gets more than the usual number of pleased or very please comments.

Judging this stuff is tricky because on forums like this you more often hear about unresolved problems than either good experiences or problems rapidly resolved.

I also tend to look at things like HOW service gets done.

For example, Pioneer almost invariably requires a unit to be returned to an authorized service center to get a firmware fix installed. Other companies have worked out methods for customers do to their own installs. Pioneer is also very loath to release info on what exactly changed in firmware releases. So if you have one level, and there's a newer level shipping to dealers, it is often difficult to impossible to determine whether it is worth the effort to send the unit in for upgrade.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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