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I am a newbie here. I am very excited about HTPC. It makes sense! The FAQs in HTPC group is very helpful. However I still got couple questions to clarify.

I am building a home theater room in my basement which is about 15ft x 15ft. If I put my HTPC in front Carnot, will I hear its noise when I sit back on the rear wall?

The front project in my mind is sharp xz9000. It has component and VGA input. If I want to use HTPC, which cable should I get? VGA or component? I want to put all electronics in front. Thus, I need the 25 ft cable and either one of them is cheap. (Assuming the VGA input of projector can handle input from a computer.)

Also, is HTPC a good cd player? Is it comparable with commercial CD players priced at $300s? Do I need to turn on display even though I just want to listen to CD?


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