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I will be building a new pc in the next couple of months and am on the fence about my choice of hardware.


this will be used for everything except gaming, I want a quad core because I multitask a lot and my processor choice is either a Q6600 or possibly a 9950 Black. I do photoshop work, digital photography, burning DVDs, watching movies from the PC. I will be sending video to a TV using hdmi and audio using a digital coax(spdif) to my receiver. Lossless audio is not an issue. I watch DVD movies that I would upconvert to 1080P, and will also watch divx, xvid h.264 all of these would also be upconverted to 1080P

At first I was set on getting a P45 motherboard with a Q6600 and a Radeon 4350(because it's silent). I decided on the radeon because it does everything I need, it's silent and it hardware accelerates many formats of video.

Now I am not sure if I should go with an integrated video card and I should I don't know what would I get, should it be a geforce 9400?

I though that if I got with an AMD and an integrated video solution I can save some loot but now I am not sure if that will actually be true.

This will go into a mid tower case, I do not plan on overclocking because I don't feel like spending money on extra cooling and increasing the noice output.

The system will have 8gb of memory and I plan to run Vista Ultimate x64.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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