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Which company now has the consumer/DIY option

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Hello all. I remember reading about it and tried searching all over and can’t find it. I remember seeing that either Control4, Savant or Crestron within the last couple years offers a consumer or DIY version where you don’t need a dealer. I think it had some limitations but wanted to look into it. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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Control 4 has the Composer HE (Home Edition) which allows you to do some programming, but doesn't allow for installing new devices onto the system - maybe that's what you are thinking about? I think Crestron has something similar.

A few years ago Savant launched a DIY remote - I believe it was creatively called the "Savant Remote" which was basically their version of a Harmony Elite (Touchscreen RF remote to a hub which only communicated with devices over IR). It was by all accounts a disaster and they pulled it from the market.

I stand to be corrected, but in the professional grade HA world the only system I know of that officially offers (almost) the same level of access to DIYer is Lutron Radio Ra2, and of course that's just lighting and HVAC controls.
C4 also offers When/Then which is basic programming via a WebUI which requires 4sight which is $100/year. But yes, you can do even more with Composer HE which is $149 and comes with 1 year of 4sight too. You can do any programming as mentioned above - you just cannot add/bind new hardware into a project.
CQC and allonis myserver seem to be the most robust platforms that fully support the diy community.
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