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Hey guys,

I'm quite new to this entire video making scene considering my background is mainly in audio. Anyway, pretty soon I'll have enough money to buy a camera and previously asked for what my best option should be. The budget is $3500.00 and after much thought, checking test footage, reading specs, and considering cameras like the XA10, the HDR-AX2000, and the Mark II, I'm so far set on getting the Canon XF100.

I've also read that for beginners, a DSLR is not the way to go. However here is my question. Since I still have a little more money left when I buy the camera, what would be the best option.

1. To buy the XF100 + Accessories like a lens converter,maybe a shotgun mic, some lighting kit or on camera lighting, or other unknown to me adapters with the $500+ I still have left over.

2. To buy the XF100 + a DSLR (like the T2i or Sony NEX5) as my secondary camera and NO secondary expansions like adapters, lighting, etc.?

I have a laptop and an MBOX on hand if sound quality is the big loss in option number two, as well as other condenser mics I could use in the meen time until I get a shotgun mic. I just have to remember to que the sound before each take ("action snap anyone?")

As far as what I'd be using the camera(s) for, mainly for band show recordings, interviews, EPK's, and general freelance.

Thanks for your help in advance and as always, if you can recommend to me a better camera, then please let me know.
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