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Let me start off by saying thank you to all the members, your input is valuable and at times a bit frustrating when deciding on a new TV. So the boss finally caved and said yes to a new TV. From prior instances this means I must move fast before she changes her mind. So we went up to BB to see some TV’s I wanted her to see the Sammy 650 52”. The salesman started to walk us to one and the boss says” Who the F would want a red TV?” Oops, Yep Sammy’s are out she hates the red. Nice Job Sammy, how about a TOC that’s gray you might have sold more sets. Anyways, I’ve got a few questions regarding plasmas/LCD's and my rooms requirements as well as our families requirements. I’ll try to keep it concise

First the room: 16x20 with a viewing distance of 12’ I’ve got windows glore on the west side, causing LOTS of light to come in. TV’s on the south side wall, seating faces south. We plan on getting blinds up so it should help, but these windows are a full two stories tall, with our CRT set during the day it’s unwatchable, I mean unwatchable, it’s like a mirror, anything dark just disappears. During the summer months the sun can hit the side of the TV directly through the window. I also have a kitchen light placed directly behind the seating area which reflects quite nicely into our CRT set. Argh. My thoughts were to raise the TV up some and tilt it downward to change the angle, what’s a good suggested height for something like this, I was thinking eye level? I will have blinds so hopefully that changes some things.

Second part displays. Let me add that I’m a graphic designer and have always loved the large CRT monitors due to color accuracy. When I was forced to switch to an LCD I found a sever lack in grayscale shades and could never get the LCD to produce colors correctly especially light yellow tints and very light blues you get to pick one or the other, not both, my dell uses an LG screen and man does it suck, they always have an unrealistic pop, which in my case was a serious problem, how could I use the correct colors if the display was WAY off true tones. Yes I’m tone sensitive and don’t like torch mode. I’ve also found that LCD’s even smaller computer ones lack good viewing angles which will be a concern, you see distorted colors in the corners, etc. Not good and unimpressive to me. No to mention all this 120HZ talk and blurring. However I’m willing to take the disadvantage of this due to lighting conditions, and easy of use.

Plasma’s to me do have a much better picture, more realistic, but lighting conditions worry me, as well as IR, burn-in, break-in, blah blah blah. It’s a TV can’t I just use it? LCD's you can just use. I have children at home and really all I want is a TV that works easily and is easy to use. The TV will be used A LOT, Lots of SD content (cartoons), Xbox games, and Movies, and I cant guarantee proper “usage” of SD content with the kids, I’d also like the ability to hook up a computer but that isn’t THAT important. The other thing is longevity, 2K for a TV is a lot I know hours are way up now but I want a TV even when older still works.I read a post here that said the Panny's were the honda of electronics aka, good quality and longevity. With a 12’ distance could I get away with a 720P set? will SD content look better on a 720P set? Regards SD content, WTF, with an expensive TV like this you’d think they could get a better picture. I mean really, what’s with the dithering, and image loss, crappy processing? I know the broadcaster makes a difference as well as the signal, but really, come on! It's like buying a Fuel Cell vehicle today, where the heck could you get Fuel for it? Will a plasma handle SD content better?

Displays around 2K (cheaper is always better) and around 50-52”:

Panny 50” 800u was a consideration. Im no so sure I need the THX.

Sammy 650 52” lcd is now out – NO TOC TV’s. Do they make an all black or gray model? I personally thought Sammy had the best LCD's out so that was the only one I looked at.

Absolutely NO LG’s.

I'd perfer if you tell me a set it have the pro's and cons, short listed for that set.
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