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Which DRC mode on Sony when using HD DVD, cable?

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Hey gang,

I have an old school 65" Sony HDTV RPTV (model # KDP65WS550). It has a DVI input on it and that is how I have the XA1 connected. In the Sonys video menu, there are three advanced DRC video options. DRC is defined as:

DRC: creates a high resolution picture with 4x density

The three modes are:

Interlaced: recommended for moving pictures

Progressive: recommended for still images and text.

Cinemotion: provides an optimized display by automaticvally detecting film content and applying a reverse 3-2 pulldown process. Moving pictures will appear clearer and more natural looking.

When we are watching DVDs on the XA1, which video mode should I be in? How about when watching digital cable?


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