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First off I'm a newbie here and hope you guys can enlighten me on what to do.

I recently purchased a Pioneer Elite PRO-940HD 42 inch plasma TV.

I now would like to purchase a new DVD player for it.

I was loaned a Denon DVD-1390ci to try and found that I got the best picture when I set the HDMI output on the player to 480p.

If I set the player to output 720p or 1080i I got poor picture quality.

So what I was wondering was if the TV and the player were fighting each other?

From what I have read the PRO-940HD is supposed to have a pretty nice scalar.

I was wondering if anyone is using the Oppo DV-970HD player with this TV, out-putting a 480i signal to it via the HDMI interface, and then letting the TV do the all of the work?

Is this not the right thing do?

If it is what type of results are you getting?

If not what do you guys suggest and why?

Thanks for your help
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