UHD promises better image quality by upgrading various parameters. Which do you think are most important to achieve that goal?

After returning from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention last week,  I wrote a piece about the high dynamic-range (HDR) flat panels and content I saw there . It sparked a lively debate in the comments about whether HDR or increased pixel count—or perhaps another element of UHD—is more important when it comes to improving image quality over conventional high-definition video.

This leads me to wonder, which elements of UHD do you think are most important for improving image quality? I'm assuming that HDR and WCG content and displays will use more than 8 bits, since these elements will look terrible with obvious banding if the bit depth is not increased beyond the 8 bits we use today.

This is a multiple-choice poll, since some might think that two or more of these elements are equally important. I look forward to learning what's most important to you from your vote and comments.