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Which emotiva amp for system setup

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I will be using an onkyo 875 for my pre/pro with the following speakers. Fronts are all paradigm 6-8 ohm,88 sen. The surrs. Are 8 ohms and also around 88 sen. All will handle up to 200 watts of power. My question is would the xpa-3 , xpa-5 or xpa7 be the best choice. I watch 95% ht and %5 music. I play at moderate levels and sometimes slightly louder when watching movies. So i need some expert advice on which amp would be the best choice. Thanks for any and all the input. And feel free to suggest any other options.
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The onkyo has a good amp section in it already, and since you listen at moderate levels you probably don't need a seperate amp.

There is no XPA-7 (UPA-7) and your AVR can handle the backs and sides if needed. The 5 can go either 2-3-5 so you have more options with it.

984 is right though that if you don't crank it at least sometimes it is most likely not needed.
I don't see a case for an external amp either.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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