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Which HD player to get? for Pioneer 1140HD?

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Hi Guys

I haven't been keeping up with the forum so I apolgoize if this answer has already been given.

I have a 50" Pioneer Elite 1140HD (I love it) and while it does not display 1080p it does accept an input of 1080p at 24 frames per sec. The set it self is 720 (actually a bit more 1368x768) so I ask myself.

Which scaler will give me the best picture? My TVs built in? For sale SD dvds and HD dvds?

I am thinking XA2 is probably the best no money held back choice.

But do I really need it? Right now there is a great deal on the X2 which will basically be half the price of the XA2. Even the A20 seems to be on sale now.

Tell me anyone out there in the same boat as and have done any testing?

Ah yes I inderstand in a few weeks the XA2 will go down $100 bucks or so.
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nobody had any feedback?
HD quality is pretty even across the different models. The XA2 has the best processing for SD. IMO, you'd do just fine with and A2, unless you really want the extra filters the XA2 has for SD and you need/want the analog outs for TrueHD.
I have the a2 and the xbox add on and bith were used on 1140hd.

The elite has a great scaler but I noticed no difference having the a2 upconvert opposed to letting the elite do it with a standard dvd player. I will say you cant go wrong with the price point of the a2. I am VERY happy with it. The xa2 doesnt do the 1080p @ 24h so I dont think its worth the exrtra loot!!! You can get a bunch of HD DVDs for that money.

Good luck and ENJOY!!
I thought that firmware was upgraded to do 1080p at 24fps? Am I wrong then?
The latest Firmware did not give XA2 owners 1080/24.

The XA2 still only does 1080/60, just like all the other players out there.
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