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I'm actually looking at buying this one (i know it is a rear projection) but i will still be using it for games unless someone shows me a much better one

Hitachi 53swx10b



1080i 16:9 HDTV Monitor

Exclusive High Brightness Wide Neck CRTs

Exclusive High Brightness 6-Element

Lens System

Exclusive Magic Focus® 8-Sensor Auto

Digital Convergence

Exclusive VirtualHDâ„¢ Digital Display Driver:

1080i/540p User Selectable Display

1080i/720p/480p/480i Input Compatible

3:2 Film Correction

8-Point Motion Interpolation

Four Screen Fill Modes:

Normal: 4:3 Original Aspect Ratio

Full: 16:9 Original Aspect Ratio

Fill: 4:3 Zoom

Smooth Wide: 4:3 Expanded

Red & Green Color Purity Filters

First Surface Mirror

Digital 4MB 3D Y/C Comb Filter

Perfect Picture (Auto Picture Adjustment)

Video Noise Reduction

Theater Modes (News, Movies, Music, Sports)

Advanced Scan Velocity Modulation (On/Off)

Black Level Expansion (On/Off)

Dynamic Focus

Color Temperature Control (Cool, Warm, Standard)

High Contrast Protective Shield

1200 Horizontal TV Lines of Resolution


MTS Stereo/SAP with dbxâ„¢

Dolby Digital® 5.1/Dolby ProLogic® Surround Sound

60 Watt, 2-Way Bass Reflex Speaker System

Dual Center Channel Speakers

3 Listening Modes (Std., Night, Max.)

5-Band Graphic EQ

Dynamic Bass

Perfect Volume (Auto Volume Level Control)


Automatic Noise Cancellation


Digital Window Plus Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Menu

Dual Tuner Picture-outside-Picture (PoP)

Dual Viewer Split Screen (PoP)

MultiViewer-3 Auto Channel Surf

Thumbstick Illuminated Universal Remote (8-Device)

UltraTEC Bitmap On Screen Display (Tri-Lingual)

181 Channel Tuner with Auto Programming

Plug & Play Interactive Setup

Auto Link (Video Input Sensor)

On-Screen Help with Auto Demo

Front Panel Menu Controls

Favorite Channel

Power Resume

Parental Locks

Channel Lock/Video Lock/Quick Lock

Front Panel Lock Out

Time Interval Lock

TV/Movie Rating Locks

Soft Mute (50% & 100% Mute)

Channel I.D.

Video Input I.D.

4-Event ON/OFF Program Timer

Sleep Timer (15 to 180 minutes)

Closed Caption Decoder (CC)


Antenna (RF) Inputs 2

A/V Inputs (Rear/Front) 4/1

S-Video Inputs (Rear/Front) 2/1

Wideband Component Inputs 2 Sets (1080i/720p/480p/480i)

Digital Audio Inputs (Optical/Coaxial) 1/1

Converter Box Output 1

Monitor A/V Out with S-Video 1

Audio HiFi Output 1

Surround Speaker Terminals L/R

Sub-Woofer Output 1


Color Silver/Gray

Height 54-1/16"

Width 50-9/16"

Depth 29"

Weight 245 lbs.

Power Consumption 240 Watts/3.65 Amps

Energy Star Compliant Yes

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