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Originally posted by snidely
My 6000 HDTV sat. recvr. has an output choice of either 1080i or 720p. Which setting should i use in sending signal to a 42" "std. definition" Panny plasma? Does it make any difference? Does it depend on what the particular channel is sending?


Short Answer: Whichever looks best.

Long Answer: My brother got a Gateway 42" plasma a couple of months ago. I conviniced him to get a Samsung 160 to go with it - and we tried every possible combination of Component, RGB and DVI modes in every imaginable resolution whether supported or not.

Results: The DVI modes are the absolute very best - except that the Gateway is rather limited in its ability to scale horizontally or vertically with respect to the peculiar pixel ratios, so for example 1080 line images I think are always cropped 10% and line doubled so as to fit 960 of the lines on the available 480. Every other component or DVI mode had its own idiosyncricies, either with image cropping or horizontal shift problems.

You might think that the way to go would be to just put the Sammy in component 480p mode and forget it. Problem is that the Gateway only honors this as 640x480 and doesnt even bother to sample out to the full 853x480 capabilities of the display. The picture looks soft - much much softer than the output of the Sammy in 480p mode on an RPTV. To their credit, Gateway has many pages of details mode and timing charts in the manual - detailing such things as blanking time, scan rates, pixels sampled, pixels displayed, etc.

Close scrutiny of the manual seemed to suggest that it would be worth trying out 720p in VGA mode - although this did not seem to be officially supported, it looked pretty close to 768 and the Gateway does have vertical scaling control that works sometimes. It worked, and as it turns it is the ONLY combination of input type and resolution that gave a decent image without excessive cropping or degradation due to samling or scaling.

Not being a paid reviewer - I didnt take it upon me to make a chart of settings and results for the whole combinatorial matrix.

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