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I have the following set up.

I record content (at external location) via a Hauppague HD PVR, then transfer these files (AVC HD .ts high def files) to my network via the net (good fios connections on both ends makes that possible)

I'd like to watch these files in 2 locations in my house.

(1) Home Theater

(2) Bedroom

In the home theater, I often want to watch the files immediately after it d/l's - so I'd like something that can play files off of a networked drive (or has a networked drive of its own). In this way I can watch one part of the show (e.g. football game) while the next part is d/l'ing, and then just start the next file. So the drive is playing a file, and d/l'ing at the same time.

Also, as mentioned, it needs to have good playback PQ and support AVCHD .ts files produced by the HDPVR.

FYI - I have a PS3 in the home theater - but streaming the high def stuff doesn't seem to be too reliable.

In the bedroom - PQ not as important, just want to avoid having to transfer files to an external HD, so I'd like something that can connect to the network

and play the AVCHD .ts high def files from the HD PVR onto the LCD monitor

Also I have a few IDE hard drives laying around, it'd be great if I can use those and save some $$ and keep the cost around $100 - $150

any suggestions?

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