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Which HTiB for my parents? Leaning towards Onkyo...

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I'd like to get my parents a HTiB for their anniversary. They have an older KLH (hehe, I know...I was still at home when they got it, it was cool that we got surround sound back then, but unfortunately it barely worked, haha) speaker setup (no sub) and a Sony receiver. So they've just used their TV speakers always.

Their room is 15'x25', about 8' ceilings, with the a large opening in the wall the TV is on.

Budget has to definitely be under $500, I'd like to keep it around $300 if possible.

Other than 5.1 vs. 6.1, what would be the benefit of going with the Onkyo 760 or 770 over the 570, for $200 more?

What other HTiBs would you recommend in my price range?

They're in their late 40s, wouldn't listen to music much at all, basically TV and DVDs. They definitely don't need something that's going to shake the walls (well, maybe they do, their hearing is going :D ), definitely going for quality over quantity.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated, thanks.
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the 570 is onkyos entry level HTiB system, small speakers and less power.

the 770 is a step up, larger speakers and considerably more power.

the 760 is last years model, it was replaced by the 770, it has more power than the 570 and less power than 770. the speakers are exactly the same as the 770, with the exception of a 8" 150 watt subwoofer, as opposed to the 10" 220 watt subwoofer that comes with the 770. it's hard to find since they haven't made it in a while, only get it if you can find it for under $349 or so, otherwise look for the 770...

i personally don't like the 760 or 770, simply because i don't think the speakers sound very good, but that's just my opinion and yours may of course differ. honestly, there are some great deals on other HTiB system right now, a perfect example would be both the Yamaha YHT-450 and the Yamaha YHT-755 HTiB systems. they're KILLER deals at those prices, you should look into both of them, i would personally go with the 450 over the 770, but that's just my opinion...
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