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Which is better in PQ - HTPC or Upconverting DVD player?

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This question probably beaten to death before, but I need to be sure before I get into HTPC domain.

With zoomplayer, cineplayer codec, and ffdshow filters, will an HTPC be better than a upconverting dvd player in terms of PQ?

I know HTPC has other benefits too. I am computer savvy, so tweaking and building is not a problem for me.

I have seen the picture of HTPC with ZP+ Windvd4 + ffdshow, it was fantastic, very clean and sharp. The way I like it. However, I have never seen an upconverting dvd player for reference.

My budget is around $300. And I already have an ati 9600 pro card, which I can swap from current PC.

I have a panny DLP, which has an HDMI input.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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Yes, this question has been beaten to death.....and prolly most ppl will ask u to do a search in this forum

but i'll add this, if u r computer savvy, go with the htpc route, ffdshow works wonders :)
I actually toyed with the option a few months ago. Even though I had the Zenith DVI player in hand, I only got the Samsung (841?) to work on my PJ. I played with the different players for about a month or 2 and was fairly impressed. But being I couldn't get the other players to work and I couldn't wait for the newer versions of Samsung and Zenith, I decided to give my HTPC another go.

And low and behold, I was blown away just like the first day I fired the HTPC up. It just goes to show you that we're constantly on the quest for better PQ and I didn't know how good I had it. I even bought TT 2.0 just the other day and I swear it looks a little better than the day before (when I thought it couldn't get any better).

I guess my point is, HTPC rocks! Just get the right pieces, put it together and it'll blow you away.

ps. I just upgrade my Yamaha receiver for an extra $50 (just by buying TT 2.0)
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