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I have the opportunity to have a great deal on a laptop. The ones I am choosing from are both HP's. One is a dv7 series with an Centrino 2 P7350 and HD4650 1024mb video card. The other is a G71 series with the Pentium dual core T4300 with intel 4500hd graphics. I am leaning towards the dv7. It is $100 more in cost, but the P7350 has 3MB L2 cache vs, 1MB on the T4300. And the P7350 has 1066fsb vs. 800fsb on the T4300. The P7350 is also only 25watts compared to 35watts, so the battery should last longer. The video is better on the dv7, and the dv7 also appears to be more upgradeable with expansion card slot, esata, and space for a 2nd hard drive. They both have blu-ray drives. The dv7 has the better srs premium sound. The dv7 is Vista Premium, so I will probably spend a bit in the future to get Windows 7. The dv7 has a 500gb hd at 5400rpm, and while the G71 has only 320gb, its is at 7200rpm. But i am not sure how much that wuold actually help performance. And I have not been able to find any benchmarks to compare the two processsors. What do you guys think is the better laptop?
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