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Which is Better to film onto SDHC Flash Memory Card or onto Mini DV tape???help

what is the main difference between SDHC Flash Memory Card and Mini DV tape

and which is better for image quality

How did you see this camera and is it High definition Cam. ( 1080i)
Panasonic HMC-150


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Personally speaking, I prefer SDHC. However, my SD is an AVCHD unit and my DV was an old PAL SD unit.

I can unload 2 hours worth of film in less than 20 mins or so. With tape, 2 hrs = 2hrs. Tape's usually only come in 60 mins length (at best res). SD cards keep going up in capacity (why is it I can't spell tongith). Tape have plenty moving parts, SD have pretty much none.

All my Canon HF100 gear weighs less than the Sony, but takes up pretty much the same room. However, that said, I could usually only carry 2 tapes (one in the Sony, one in the case). With the HF100, I have 5 hours worth of SD HC cards (2x16 and a 8).

At the end of the day, the only person who can really answer that question is you.

No idea on the Panny unit.

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