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Which is the state-of-the-art digital projector?

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I've been most interested in a 9" used CRT projector. But I want to have a look at a few of the top digital units. What is the opinion of you folks as to what the top contenders are - Madrigal D-ILA, the new Sanyo LCD, a three-chip DLP, or what? Let's set a limit of $20,000 street, hopefully less.

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Try looking at a properly calibrated G20 and possibly some kind of good XGA 3 chip DLP would fall into this range (pure guesswork) ??


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IMHO, Cream of the Digital Crop (in order):
  • Madrigal D-ILA (3 panel D-ILA with hand-picked D-ILA chips, pre-calibrated, etc.)
  • Christie Digital Vista * (3 Chip XGA DLP)
  • Calibrated JVC G20
  • Everything else...

Just to answer your question to milori, I don't know how much the Madrigal is, but the Christie is about $49,000+ new and the Calibrated JVC G20 is about $18,000.

However, take a look at ebay and search for "DLP Projector" and you will find 2 Digital Projection Inc. projectors for sale. Both are in the price range you specified. I have seen both units and if I had the money, it would be no question that the 3 chip DLP is the way to go. The color was incredible and these projectors will allow you to either have a 20' screen at near cinema quality or a 12' screen at cinema brightness levels.

I wish I could recommend someone who carries these units in a show room, then you could see for yourself.

Good Luck,
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You may want to consider the new JVC DILA-M2000SC. Will soon be available, has excellent contrast 600:1. Price is about 20K.

My screen will only be 110" diagonal. With DLP and D-ILA projectors, how close would I have to get to the screen to see (or sense) the pixel structure?

I have a calibrated G20. There seems to be a problem with the brightness as the calculated output is sub 600 lumens. The projector still looks good. You are welcome to come by for a peek. I live in Milpitas and have a very flexible schedule. Call me if you are interested. The screen width is just shy of 9'.


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Thanks. Do you have ballpark figures for prices on those three units?

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