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Which Krell Amps?

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OK - here's my minor dilemna:

I have a Krell KAV-500 power amp (5 channels x 100W per channel).

I plan on buying a pair of B&W 800D speakers along with an HTM1D center channel (this center is a huge speaker). I will also be buying four 805S speakers for the rear and sides.

The question is, which of the following two configs is better?:

A. Buy a Krell Evo 403 power amp (3 channels x 400W per channel) to power the two fronts and the center and use my old KAV-500 to power the four rear speakers; or

B. Buy two Krell Evo 600 monoblock amps (600W per channel each) for the two fronts and use the KAV-500 for the four rears and the center.

Choice A has the advantage of being $10k cheaper and I get a full 400W to the massive center channel.

Choice B allows me to drive the two very big front speakers with a full 600W.

Thanks in advance for the opinions.

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I have used several Krell amps to drive my Thiel 7.2's and wasn't completely satisfied at 300 watts, but have been very satisfied at 600 watts and above. My Thiels are incredibly hard to drive but the 800's are a more efficient speaker and should do very well with the 403.

Having spent some time with the 600s this past week, I'd be hard pressed to think anything could drive your speakers much better in terms of the Krell line. They are magnificent.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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