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Which LCD TV???

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Hi all!

I'm a new member, and i need some advice on buying LCD TV. I'm chosing from 26 - 32 inc lcd for cable TV and PC. I generaly need it for whatching TV; DVD's and playing games(most counterstrike source) and i wonder if this will work GOOD on my Pc (AthlonXP 2,8; 2xDDR 512Mb; Radeon x1600Pro 512Mb AGP-DVI-HDMI) or i rather consider on smaller LCD(20 - 24 inc) and TV aside. I wonder what will the picture and preformance be, ghosting sharpnes itd...

The price should be 700-900 EUR.(sorry for bad english)

Now i just need some good advice so pls give me some

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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