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I can get the LG 60" until tomorrow at the same price as the Vizio M550NV which has LED and has built in wireless. I have seen the Vizio and played with it but have not seen the LG 60" 60LD550 in person. I just need to hear from an owner of the LG (owns that exact model) and get some feedback on the satisfaction, PQ perceived, viewing angle limitations mentioned elsewhere on the forums, and overall personal rating. I have to get a blue ray player anyway so can pay a bit more for one with built in wireless. I am replacing a 23 year old Samsung 52" that went South on the picture quality last month.

Also any Vizio owners of that exact model and what they think. Would they go with a tad less PQ and no wireless for the bigger screen at the same price new?

Thanks in advance to any that respond by tonight tomorrow morning.
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