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Which look better for a frame 1x2s or 1x4s?

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I purchased some 1x4s from Home Depot yesterday.

I need help deciding which lool better when used as a frame, 1x2s or 1x4s.

I could always have someone cut the 1x4s in half.

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Hi pc

I would stick with the 1x4 due to the increased stiffness. Stiffness is proportional to the width (height) cubed (to the third power). The 4" will be 8 times stiffer than the 2". Furthermore, the 1x4 material is actually only 3-1/2" wide, so ripping it in half will yield less than 1-3/4".

More specific to your question- I like the looks of a wider frame. If you cover the frame in black velvet or some other very black fabric/paint, it should look very nice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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