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Which NEC XG projector should I keep?

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I currently own a relatively low hour extremely clean NEC XG 110LC. I also very shortly will be acquiring an NEC XG 110LC and also an XG135LC and I have yet to evaluate tube condition and overall hours/condition on these two units.

My question is, I would like to possibly keep one of the newly acquired units as a backup/spares unit and all things being generally equal which one should I keep?

I dont know the cross compatibility of the 110LC hardware versus the 135LC hardware. Are there any compelling reasons to keep one over the other!

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You should keep whichever one you want, and send your castoffs to some poor deserving soul. I could make a suggestion. :)
You won't see a picture difference between the 135 and the 110. So I'd keep the 110's and sell the 135LC. THe system boards are difference between the two models, almost everything else is the same.
I agree with curt unless you find that it is the 1352 model in which case I would keep that one since it handles component inputs and has a nice convergence feature (MCAT)
Thanks for the responses!

Curt... you state system boards as in plural. How many of these different system boards are there... more than one I presume?

This one is easy - all things being equal the 1351 would be the one to sell and the 1352 the one to keep - depends on what you get me thinks ;)

Of course when one projector is in very bad condition this one had to go in case you would not feel coomfortable to start and exchange parts/boards/tubes.

Is this a package deal? or are you just wanting both of them to see which one is any good?

Keep both 1100's. Use one for spare parts and tubes if they are good.

Sorry, there is only one system board in each NEC, but it works in conjunction with the wave and osc boards, and those must be changed as a set if you want to use a 135 system board in a 110. The only way it will work is if you switch over all three boards.

OTOH, there's not too much to go wrong in the XG series. Some failures as in a n HV failure most likely will mean a trip to a technician, as you cannot swap HV boards between sets without a full rebalibration of the HV section.

Other boards like the A, C, F and V boards fail rarely, and there's enough spares out there at this point to maintain most of the customer base out there. I've now scrapped a few sets, the only part hard to find is the system board. It's about as hard to find as a Marquee Hv power supply or Barco quadrupler..:)

OTOH, you might be able to sell the XG sets that you don't need for a decent sum, and that would go a long way towards any repairs down the road..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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