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While I really like the Nevo S70 its become almost useless. Wont hold a charge any longer with 3 separate batteries and 2 different cradles. Im absolutely fed up with it and looking top move to a different remote. Needs to have RS-232 support and RF. Would like IP support but its not critical. I have had URC remotes in the past, in fact i still use 2 in my basement ( Both are MX700's).

I want the ability to program myself but not adverse to paying for the initial programming. My setup is pretty standard Pioneer Plasma TV Viera 50", Pioneer SC-05 AVR, DTV IRD (HR21), Fios DVR (cant remember the model), PS3, AppleTV and a Boxee box that will become an HPTC mostr likely.

My biggest complaint with the URC remotes is the extenders always were flaky, i tried different channels and even replaced the extender to no avail, sometimes it worked fine most of the time it took multiple key presses to register.

BTW: I am familiar with the URC software and reprogrammed my older units regularly. Not sure if the interface has changed much but i definitely want something I can tweak myself when needed.

Logitech has its place, i have them in all the spare bedrooms but for my main TV room i dont want logitech.

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