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Which one? Arcam AV8 vs. Lexicon MC8

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Hello all,

I am on the fence with both these used processors that I can get

for for a decent price. I like both of these possibly a EAD 8800 could be

thrown in there for good measure. I would like to get a census, opionions

and some input from my trusty AVS amigos. Please help with positive

& negatives reviews on these units. Thanks everybody.

P.S. I may be running these with either M&K S150 THX or Klipsch Ultra THX 2

speakers in the near future.

Take care,

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The Arcam is a great unit. We recently did an install with a customer utilizing a MC-12B on Bryston gear and I was thoroughly unimpressed for the massive price tag. The preamplifier section is top-notch in the AV8 and the Wolfson DAC's are great sounding with music. Movies are top notch with good calibration.

The AV9 takes it a step further with the stealth-mat dampening material.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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