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Which one - DVI to component or VGA to component to hook up PC on HD1000U?

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I am running an Onkyo SR-604 receiver that does HDMI switching and s-video/composite to component but I am already using both HDMI inputs on the receiver for the Playstation 3 and the Toshiba HD-XA2. I don't want to run an HDMI switch separately which eliminates the possibility of running a DVI to HDMI cable from my docking station.

So I figured the VGA to component may be best since they are both analog but I've never heard of DVI to component until I started researching today. Given these two options I was wondering which of these two will give me the best picture?


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I would just go VGA to component, for the reason you stated.
Video cards typically have a DVI-I connector, which carries both digital and analog signals, to be compatible with digital and analog monitors. Most of the "DVI to component" adapters simply pass the analog signal, so it's the same as a VGA connection. Converting the digital DVI signal to analog requires hardware; a cable or little adapter won't do it.

You may have trouble getting the right resolution with VGA. This guy is having trouble getting VGA to work properly with his HD1000u and an Nvidia card in Vista. Apparently the projector is telling the video card that it only supports up to 1024x768 using VGA. He hasn't tried adapting VGA to component yet though.
I use DVI out with my nVidia card and use "full screen video" which automatically sends video full-screen to the projector, and video always gets sent at 1280x1024 instead of the native 1024x768 of my projector that I set the drivers to send (and which they do send at the desktop)

nVidia, urgh...
SirDrexl is absolutely right, those VGA to component cables will not work for your application. They are designed for use in the opposite direction, component into a VGA port that also accepts component. It is impossible to use them the other way around.

But you can buy a trancoder that will take VGA and output component. Key Digital make a nice one for a about a $100, and it works on most displays. Keep in mind though this is NOT a scan converter (much more expensive), which is the right way to do this conversion. so the output is what it is, wether the picture fits or not.

Your best bet would be a video card with component output, as this would give you some size and position control of the output signal.


As for that VGA problem on the 1000 proj, i saw that post earlier, I got to say I install a lot of Mitsubishi 3000's, 4000's, and 1000's....and though there is a trick to get the 3000 to do VGA 1280x720, I have never had a single problem with the 4000 or the 1000 doing so.


Good luck
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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