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Originally Posted by rkb57 /forum/post/0

Pioneer PDP-5070HD or Panasonic TH-50PH9UK. Which one and why? Thanks.

These two are completely different displays with drastically different feature sets, inputs, etc. You'll need to give some more info like how is this display going to be integrated into your A/V system, your list of video sources, your mix of viewing content, exactly what number and type of inputs and outputs you require, and are there any features or abilities you absolutely must have or can do without. Each display has lots of upsides and downsides so it's not a simple decision - many factors have to be taken into account.

If you haven't downloaded and read the owners manuals for both units you should probably do so and familiarize yourself with both - it could determine which one you go with. For instance, i was all set to buy a Panasonic Industrial model but through research i discovered that there was no way i could integrate it into my A/V system, nor was i willing to completely change my system to make the Panny work. The consumer model turned out to be the only viable choice for me.

Now if you're just concerned with PQ and the lack or presences of the various features and inputs aren't the determining factor then the Panny Industrial model will give you more picture adjustability.
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