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If I recall corectly Designer White Laminate is not really really white, and it has a low luster matte sheen to it. Maybe someone with access to the RGB numbers could post them for us.

The Behr ULTRA Exterior Flat #4850 was tested and I recall it had an RGB of something like 253 254 249. Behr has recently introduce an interior version of the ULTRA paint #1750. Assuming it is essentially the same paint without the fungicide then it probably has similar color and sheen characteristics.

Given the slight drop in blue for the ULTRA UPW and the tendency for Lamp Black to push a tint slightly blue I am thinking 1 or 1.5 drops of Lamp Black added to the ULTRA UPW will reduce the whiteness slightly while also making the spectral reflectance more neutral.

You could consider adding Minwax Satin Polycrylic to slightly increase the sheen to better match the DW laminate sheen. It would also help the paint to level out to a smoother surface for the extra fine pixels of 1080p. The down side is that the polycrylic would probably add a very slight warming to the spectral reflectance.

So given all that I would suggest either Behr ULTRA Interior UPW Flat with 1 drop of Lamp Black per quart alone, or Behr ULTRA Interior UPW Flat with 1.5 (2 max) drops of Lamp Black per quart, mixed 4:1 with Minwax Satin Polycrylic.

In either case I would add 10-15% water and use the two roller method to apply the paint or get a Wagner Control spray and spray paint the screen. To get the best results you may need to wet sand the current screen surface to get rid of any roller texture there now.

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