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Which Panasonic to buy: TH-50PX75U or TH-50PX600U?

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Hi guys,

Great forum. This my first post. I'm trying to decide between Panasonic TH-50PX75U and TH-50PX600U. With the recent price drop I can get 600U $300 cheaper then 75U.

couple of questions:

Is there any big changes in this year model besides cosmetic (black vs. silver?)

If I watch Dish Network HDTV or standard DVD, would I notice much difference in picture quality between these two?

Is there any benefit that 50PX75 manual says it can display 1080p, but 50PX600U can only display 1080i? I'm planning to buy Toshiba HD DVD player, will I see difference in quality of HD DVD in these two plasmas?

All comments are really appreciated
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Anybody has an opinion?

I haven't seen both, but I think the general reports are that the PQ between the two is very similar. I believe also the newer model (PX75U) has separate picture settings for each input, and the PX600U does not.

Hopefully some more knowledgable posters will chime in.
Well, I own a 42PX600U and I'm here to tell you that you CAN set different picture settings for each input (in fact I had to get rid of the flaming factory default for every input I hooked up).


In our review of the TH-42PX77U, we got to try out one of the new features found on all of the company's 2007 plasmas (with the exception of the entry-level PX75U series): an antiglare screen coating. It actually worked pretty well to attenuate reflections coming off the screen, making the set more attractive for rooms with a lot of ambient light. Flat-panel LCDs, with their much-less-reflective plastic screens, have previously held a big advantage in this area, but Panasonic's coating goes a long way toward erasing that advantage.

There are a few other notable additions from a picture quality standpoint, starting with the fact that most of the step-up models feature 1080p native resolution. Judging from our experience with the 1080p TH-50PF9UK, the extra pixels don't make a huge difference at the 50-inch screen size, although they might make for a visibly sharper picture at 58 inches (we'll see when we can test it). The high-end models also get a new Pro Mode setting said to allow for more-extensive calibration options--definitely a weakness of past "consumer" Panasonic plasma TVs--along with a Studio Reference mode said to provide "the consumer with the exact color reproduction as seen on the reference monitors used in film editing studios." We'll take that with a grain of salt until we can test it ourselves, but it's pretty intriguing nonetheless.

1080P Native resolution is nothing to sneeze at.
i have the same question myself, anyone have better answers?

i notice the 75u doesnt have as good speakers as the 600u, and no SD slot, are those the only diff?

Given if they are both around the same price, would you get the 600U or the 75U?
i would get the 600 over the 75, though i would get the 77 over the 600.

Originally Posted by freestylemx989 /forum/post/0

i would get the 600 over the 75, though i would get the 77 over the 600.

care to elaborate why you would get the 600 over the 75?
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First off, I'm like most of your wives. I like the black bezel. However, I have a home theatre system, I don't like TV Guide, I don't connect my computer to the TV, I don't have a cable card, I adjust my picture mode manually for daytime/nighttime/lights on/lights off viewing, so for me, the black TV for $300 is a winner.

However, were all those situations different, then I'd have a reason to want the PX600 over the PX75.
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