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Hello Everyone,

Happy Newyear!

I need your help here. My new HT is almost done and it is time to decide which PJ will fit.(I'd like to keep the price reasonable),

Here is the room,

24'2" long x 15'6" wide x 7' high. double sheetrock with GG in between and it is light controlled.(but I don't like to watch movie in a cave)

Room is going to be use for video but may also be use for multi channel music as well.( so I weight audio as important as video in this setup)

I'd like to have two row seating and the first row will be around 12' from screen.

I'd like to have AT screen as I can put speakers in the better position and also I've just almost no room for speaker if I go max screen size.(AT screen will be at 4 feet from front wall so is about 20 feet to the back wall)

I'd like to have a 11 feet 2.35 screen which is only 8' wide in 16:9. and it is about 54-55" tall. I guess this is about the biggest screen I can get for this room.

This is going to be my 4th PJ. I've sold my RS1 last year( which I like it alot but it was setup with small 16:9 screen at lees then 100". I have never had 2.35 before and this the first one)

Here is my question,

which PJ will do good with this setup and why? Also which anamorphic lens to go with?

Panasonic AE-3000, which I like the idea of the memory zoom but it maybe a little too dim for the size of screen. I don't know if the JBC RS10 will be bright enough but also don't know what lens will fit.

Thank very much for the your input

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