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Which Plasma For The $$$

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I am looking at (3) Plasma's within my budget:

Samsung PN51D530

LG 50PV450

Panasonic TC-P50S30

Interested in best picture quality/reliability for the money.

Anyone have experience with these and could make a recommendation is greatly appreciated.
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The PN51D530 Samsung is very nice. Sharp but smooth picture, bright, accurate colors, good blacks. Supposedly the same panel as upper models but without 3D, internet apps, and extra black filters. Glossy look is nice but glare must be controlled. LG is glossy as well, but LG has had worse IR/ burn in issues and dithering, so I would go Samsung. The Panasonic S30 does not have a full 1080 lines of resolution, so the Samsung would be a better choice in this catergory. Step up to ST30 if you go Panasonic. But for $799, the Samsung 51D530 is a very nice display and a good bang for the buck.
I'm in the same situation than you @techowiz...

Have you made the jump ?
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Originally Posted by GuiBou /forum/post/20929216

I'm in the same situation than you @techowiz...

Have you made the jump ?

I purchased a Panny TC-P 50S30. Very happy so far. Great picture. Nice menu. Good features wifi ready, sd card etc....Good build quality. Reliable brand. I bought both the Sammy and LG and returned... Have some light in the room-their screens were way too glossy. Good luck.
I think that's exactly what I'm going to do...
I mean go for the Panasonic first.
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I'd step up to the ST30 over the S30 (better processing, better filter, better blacks).
Maybe i'm not a videophile but I watched both sets (50s30 and 50st30) back to back and could not notice much difference in picture quality. Not worth the addnl $300 IMHO.
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